We are all fighting for something.  This is the moment that you refuse to give up.

Presenting THROWN – a collaboration between photographer John Arsenault & Hiro Clark. “Life is all about overcoming obstacles. It's a struggle - difficult, painful, yet totally worth it. You have to learn to lean into it.” says Arsenault. “At some point you have to take a stand. This is it:  that moment you fight back and let go of your fears."

This limited edition t-shirt features an abstracted photo created by John Arsenault exclusively our launch.  As with all of our t-shirts, the series is limited to 12. Additionally, each collaborative tee includes 6 John Arsenault postcards. AND each postcard pack will include 1 signed postcard by John. 

“Into this world we’re thrown, like a dog without a bone” - The Doors

John Arsenault is a Los Angeles based photographer. His photography is internationally exhibited and is included in the Nerman Museum & Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Arsenault brings his audience to the “in-between” moment – in between a feeling, a pose, or a time of day – so often missed.  An eye for light, a penchant for vibrant color, and an uncanny ability to frame an image all synthesize in photographs that feel like a peek into overlooked realms.