Wilhelmina's t-shirt collaboration with Hiro Clark is witty enough to wear ironically, and simple enough for the serious - in short, I need it.

Modeling agency Wilhelmina debuted a new capsule collection, created with LA-based brand Hiro Clark.  The collaboration of three t-shirts including one that reads only "UNSIGNED," and I simply must have it.

I can’t decide if wearing this shirt would make me look like a raging narcissist trying to let the world know that, despite my incredible looks, I’ve never been scouted. Or perhaps the more cynical citizens of the world will recognize it as a critique of Instagram culture making everyone with more than five followers a “model,” better yet, “aspiring model.” Either way, I’m into it, and I’d like to think that Wilhelmina would be happy with either interpretation.

There’s certainly a tongue-in-cheek vibe to the capsule; the other two shirts read “LOOKS CAN KILL” and “Model Casting, Please Knock.” Plus, they’re limited edition because after all this is New York City—a land of exclusives.