Hiro Clark x Le Labo present SMELLS LIKE YOU: a scented t-shirt collaboration.

We met last night.
I left this morning.
And I guess I like you.
Because I stole your t-shirt.
It smells like you.

Each Hiro Clark t-shirt has been scented with Le Labo’s iconic Santal 33. The scent will stick around for approximately 12 washes.

“T-shirts are something that lovers steal from each other. That and their perfume," says Fabrice Penot (Founder, Le Labo).

Two graphics were created exclusively for this project. WOODCUT is inspired by the base ingredients of Santal 33, especially the smoky wood. MIRACLES speaks to the magic of Le Labo & the miraculous power of Los Angeles. Anything can happen here.


Founded in 2006, Le Labo Fragrances is a New York-based perfume house which has become iconic for its collection of hand-made perfumes and home scents available in a limited number of stores and labs around the world.

Le Labo composes with some of the world's most creative and talented perfumers and uses only the highest quality raw ingredients.