Hiro Clark is inspired by creative people that make our hometown buzz. THE TALENT is our program to show off local legends and undiscovered superstars. 

Actors, writers, directors, photographers and all the rest of our creatives – come along as we see the other side of L.A. through their eyes. 

Andrew Vottero is an LA-based fashion stylist for iconic leading men like Jeff Goldblum. When he’s not spicing up the red carpet, he’s hard at work restoring his vintage John Lautner house outside Idyllwild. There’s nobody we trust more to throw together Hiro Clark picks to make the perfect fit. 

How did your story with L.A. begin?

Unexpectedly. My first boyfriend was from here. The first time I came to visit he showed me PCH, Malibu, Hollywood Forever, Amoeba, everything. Years later we ended up there together, very unexpectedly - we were living in London and just didn’t go back. It felt like going on a permanent vacation. When I moved to LA I discovered I was actually a happy person. We broke up, but I never left and never will.

What’s your favorite movie about L.A.?

There are so many good ones. “The Cool School,” “Magnolia,” “In Search of a Midnight Kiss,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “The Bling Ring,” Heat,” Somewhere,” “L.A. Confidential,” “Los Angeles Plays Itself,” Sunset Boulevard.” But my all-time favorite LA movie is “The Anniversary Party.”

What’s your favorite soundtrack for cruising down PCH?

Lana, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles.

Where do you disappear to when it’s time to skip town?

My mountain cabin out in the desert.

What’s your go-to for the midnight munchies?


Who’s your biggest L.A. icon?

The sunlight, the palm trees, the wild peacocks. Also Craig Ellwood’s Hunt House.

What’s your fave Hiro Clark go-to?

The sweatpants! And sweatshorts, my LOST BOYS crewneck tee, anything cut off, and the socks!

Who would you invite to dinner at El Coyote?

John Lautner, Marco Wolff, and John Rechy.

Beach, mountains, or desert?

The thing is that here you don’t have to choose. You can have it all. Even in one day.

It’s sunrise: are you more likely to be getting up early or finally going to bed?

Getting up early for a 100-mile bike ride to Malibu and back.

Who was your first Hollywood crush?

Devon Sawa, lol.

What’s the wildest thing that’s ever happened to you on set?

It’s beyond R-rated.