Hiro Clark x Michael Bevilacqua was our first artist collaboration. We went deep into the Noir with a limited edition t-shirt.

LA BLINDNESS "is something that LA and Hollywood does to people - a blurring of reality, the struggle to make it, the darkness of when you make it big... and then they don't want you anymore."

The artwork is a collection of xeroxed paper discarded on a table like faded memories. In addition to the tee, Michael created two archival ink prints exclusive to Hiro Clark.

We kept the collaboration going with a second project: HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. Everyone knows that the best place to live on the dark side in L.A. is at the Chateau Marmont.

Michael presented his piece with a one-night-only installation in the Chateau's famed Bungalow 3.

Both works explore the darker side of Hollywood. The results are iconic. And disturbing.