Rapid Fire

Workout anthem?

“‘So I’m outside of the club and you think I’m a punk.’” [Rapping Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared”]

Frenemy exercise?

“Bear crawls that you do on the basketball court, with a towel on each hand so you can slide.”

Cheat meal?

“White pizza with sausage from Gio’s.”

Last time you cried?

“Earlier today, watching cartoons with my kid.”

Last show you hyped to a friend?

“Yellowstone. Kevin Costner in his bag!”


“My grandmother.”

Meal you cook for date night?

“Omelet: eggs, shrimp, and cheese.”

Euphemism for sex?

“I can hear my daughter say, ‘Dad, what do you mean, ‘Hokey Pokey’?”