THE TALENT // Christopher London

Christopher London is a small town kid with a big city dream. He came to L.A. on vacation and canceled his flight home. Now, he fights MMA, raises plants, and is one of our favorite models. His motto? “It’s a great day to have a great day.” 

How did your story with L.A. begin?

Well, life was lifeing in 2018 and I needed a vacation. I booked a 10 day trip. On the third day here I threw away my return ticket. I’ve been in L.A. ever since.

What’s your favorite movie about L.A.?

Beverly Hills Cop

What’s your favorite soundtrack for cruising down PCH?

Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi

Where do you disappear to when it’s time to skip town?

Wherever my family is.

What’s your go-to for the midnight munchies?

Oreos and milk for anytime munchies.

Who’s your biggest L.A. icon?

Michael Jackson

What’s your fave Hiro Clark go-to?

The Slim Shorts, they have me lookin’ NICE.

Who would you invite to dinner at El Coyote?

I’m taking Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa and having a grand time.

Beach, mountains, or desert?

I’m here for all of them. That’s what I love about L.A.: endless options for fun. But hand me a drink in any of those places and it’s a great day.

It’s sunrise: are you more likely to be getting up early or finally going to bed?

Pshh, I ain’t 23 no more. My a** will be waking up after a nice night of sleep.

Who was your first Hollywood crush?

Sofia Vergara. I love a strong Latina.

What makes L.A. the place for you?

It’s the land of dreams and opportunity. Anyone with a good smile and the right mindset can do amazing things out here.

What’s the wildest thing that ever happened to you on set?

I once had someone break into the model’s locker room and they stole my oversized black Hiro Clark hoodie. Then they had the audacity to throw it away a block from our shoot location!