Hiro Clark and fragrance maker Le Labo will change the lives of the incurably lazy and perpetually casually dressed, forever. The partnering brands are set to release a special line of scented cotton t-shirts featuring Le Labo’s iconic Santal 33 fragrance. And despite the jesting opening sentence, we do think this effort is something frequent t-shirt wearers will genuinely enjoy.

Le Labo’s co-founder Fabrice Penot shed some light on what sparked the idea saying, “T-shirts are something that lovers steal from each other; that, and their perfume. Fragrance is such a personal choice — so special, so unique. And since Hiro Clark does such limited batches of tees, it made sense to partner with them on this one-of-a-kind project.”

The shirts will come in a white or gray colorway and be available in two graphic prints. First is the “Woodcut” print which is inspired by the base notes of the Santal 33 fragrance. Second is the “Miracles” graphic which takes inspiration from the “elements of magic” inherent in the brand. Both prints are expected to survive up to a dozen washings in the machine, so the dark, smoky Santal scent will stick around for awhile.